Reasons to Always Fight Your Florida Careless Driving Ticket


Police often use a “catch-all” approach, assessing the damage to determine who is responsible for a traffic ticket. However, we always recommend fighting a Florida careless driving ticket for three reasons:

The Police Officer Likely Didn’t See the Accident

It’s important to note that the officer who issued the ticket probably wasn’t present at the accident scene. This is a big deal because it means they can’t provide firsthand testimony in court about what happened.

Your Words Against Someone Else’s

If the police officer didn’t witness the accident, the court will rely on the testimony of witnesses or other people involved in the accident to determine what happened.

Accident Reports Are Not Evidence in Court

In Florida, accident reports can’t be used as evidence. This means the officer can’t use the report to testify against you.

Let’s Break This Down Further

  • Since the ticket-issuing officer wasn’t there to see the accident, they can’t testify in court about the specifics of what happened. Only those who witnessed the accident can testify.
  • When a traffic lawyer is involved, they often ask the officer a simple question in court: “Did you witness the accident?” If the answer is “no,” then the officer can’t testify about anything that could negatively impact the defendant.
  • The lack of firsthand testimony from the officer is a significant advantage for the defendant. Police officers are professionals who are used to being in court. They know how to present evidence effectively. Most regular people are not as comfortable in court and often don’t understand the impact of their testimonies.
  • Another critical point is that officers are trained to identify the defendant as the driver during their testimony. Without this identification, a judge cannot simply assume who was driving. This often gets overlooked by witnesses, and it’s a key opportunity for a traffic lawyer to challenge the case.
  • A commonly understood but unwritten rule in traffic court is that judges seldom question an officer’s words, assuming officers are truthful. However, if the officer did not witness the event, this levels the playing field for the accused, allowing for a fairer contest in fighting the ticket.

Remember, there are significant benefits to contesting careless driving tickets, especially when the issuing officer did not witness the incident.

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