Protect Your Rights With a Trusted Divorce Lawyer in Singapore- Here Is How to Do So


In the situation where you and your partner both have come to terms and filed for an uncontested divorce, then a lawyer is not necessary. But, the safer practice would be for you to have a lawyer go through the terms and conditions of the agreement to make sure that your rights and needs are being taken care of. A lawyer in these situations may also point out any missing points that might be questionable in court, which could lead to your plea being denied. Such a lawyer will help you in the following ways:

  • Helping you draft the agreement in a format acceptable by the court
  • Advising to devise a fair agreement.
  • Filing the divorce in court

If a lawyer is helping you with only the jobs mentioned above, such a lawyer will be known as a limited-scope lawyer. They will represent and help you only in certain aspects of the divorce. These are usually more cost-effective and more helpful in case of an argument-free and understanding divorce. These lawyers act as a third-party mediator with neutrality toward both you and your partner. Protect your rights with a trusted divorce lawyer in Singapore.

Why will I need a full-scope divorce lawyer?

If you and your partner have tried resolving the divorce but haven’t succeeded and have always ended up fighting, then it might be time to hire a top divorce lawyer. These lawyers will always have your back, will understand your needs and requirements, talk and negotiate with you and your partner’s lawyer and if required, even fight them in court.

Such lawyers are quite costly but will do everything in their power to get you what is needed. Hence, if money is not a concern for you, then hiring such a lawyer is a good option in case of constant fights and arguments. If a lawyer was a mediator for the two of you earlier, then the same lawyer cannot be your lawyer against the other partner as that is against the law.

After hiring a lawyer, each of you should try to approach a collaborative settlement. In this, the lawyers negotiate with the other partner and their lawyer and come to a joint conclusion that is acceptable to both parties. This is still a better option as the results lie in the hands of you two.

The last resort should be going to court. The lawyers will fight your partner for your rights and requirements and get you the best deal possible. The end decision lies completely in the hands of the judge; hence it is a risky option.

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