Personal Injury Law Meets Gun Rights: Can an Attorney Help Restore Your Firearms Rights?

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For many Americans, gun ownership is a fundamental right and a vital tool for self-defense, hunting, or recreational shooting. However, a criminal conviction or certain legal actions can result in the loss of these gun rights. If you find yourself in this situation, you might be wondering: can a personal injury attorney help restore your gun rights?

While personal injury attorneys typically focus on cases involving physical harm and compensation, there’s some overlap in their skillset that can be beneficial for gun rights restoration. Let’s delve deeper into this intersection and explore your options.

Understanding Gun Rights Loss

Several factors can lead to the loss of gun ownership rights. The most common reasons include:

  • Felony Convictions: Certain felony convictions, particularly those involving violence or threats of violence, can result in a federal firearms prohibition.
  • Domestic Violence Convictions: Orders of protection or restraining orders related to domestic violence can restrict gun ownership.
  • Mental Health Adjudications: Involuntary commitment for mental health reasons or a court finding of mental incompetence can sometimes impact gun rights.

The Role of Personal Injury Attorneys in Gun Rights Restoration

While personal injury attorneys might not specialize directly in gun rights restoration, their expertise can be valuable in specific situations:

  • Expungement or Record Sealing: If your gun rights were lost due to a misdemeanor conviction, a personal injury attorney experienced in expungement or record sealing might be able to help. These legal processes remove or restrict access to certain criminal records, potentially paving the way for gun rights restoration.
  • Challenging Mental Health Adjudications: If your gun rights were restricted due to a mental health adjudication, a personal injury attorney might assist in gathering medical records and documentation to demonstrate your current mental fitness to own a firearm.
  • Negotiating with Prosecutors: In some cases, depending on the nature of the original offense and your subsequent record, a personal injury attorney experienced in plea bargaining might be able to negotiate with prosecutors to amend a sentence, potentially leading to gun rights restoration eligibility.

The Limits of Personal Injury Attorneys

It’s important to understand that personal injury attorneys may not be the best fit for all gun rights restoration cases. Here’s why:

  • Specialized Knowledge: Gun rights restoration involves complex legal procedures specific to firearms laws. Attorneys specializing in this area will have a deeper understanding of the nuances involved and a higher success rate.
  • State-Specific Laws: Gun rights restoration laws vary significantly by state. A personal injury attorney might not possess the specific expertise necessary for your state’s regulations.

Finding the Right Legal Representation

If you’re looking to restore your gun rights, here’s how to find the right legal representation:

  • Seek Attorneys Specializing in Gun Rights: Search for attorneys specializing in firearms law or Second Amendment rights. These attorneys will be well-versed in the specific legal processes and regulations related to gun rights restoration.
  • Consult Bar Associations or Online Resources: State bar associations or online legal directories can help you find qualified gun rights restoration attorneys in your area.
  • Consider Your Case’s Specifics: Match your chosen attorney’s expertise to your specific situation. For example, if your case involves mental health adjudications, seek an attorney experienced in navigating that specific area within gun rights restoration.


While personal injury attorneys might not be the first line of defense in gun rights restoration, their expertise can be valuable in specific situations like expungement or negotiating with prosecutors. Ultimately, for the best chance of success, seeking an attorney specializing in firearms law who understands the complexities of gun rights restoration in your state is the recommended course of action. Remember, restoring your gun rights is a complex legal process, and having the right legal team on your side can significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome.


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